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Earn Free Money by Frugal living

10 November 2018

Earn Free Money by Frugal living!!

Earn Free Money by Frugal living is a kind of virtue. 

It means practicing frugality strictly, opposing waste, save money, cherishing the fruits of labor, using free money sparingly, not extravagantly. It is not difficult to see that since ancient times, most of the people with noble moral character have the virtue of diligence, thrift, and frugal living. 


Super rich people who live on the earth, we always imagine that they live a very luxurious life, in fact, it is not completely true. They sometimes tend to be frugal, and you need to focus on how they opt for frugal living, so you can get a lot of free money saving wisdom from it.


A billionaire like Mark Zuckerberg knows what he is doing. Ever saw him spending his money extravagantly? In fact, he is frugally living a simple life in plain t-shirts like most of us. There is no reason to wear and look fancy all the time, even if you think you are rich enough.



“The wealthy often live frugally

Celebrities like Kristen Bell can easily make handmade dresses for her children, and you can learn to do so. We have no reason to buy a bunch of useless goods beyond our budget


Rich people have more reasons to save which can be done in following ways.


  • Buy daily necessities once a month and buy common commodities in bulk

If you go to the supermarket more often, you will spend some extra free money for no reason. Less going to the supermarket means saving money.


Mark Cuban, the billionaire boss of NBA Mavericks, often buys his toothpaste in bulk. He said he buys 12 tubes a year for a family, and one a month, which inspired me.


Although buying one toothpaste at a time can't save much extra free money for a rich man like Mark, what we learn is the mentality he has, that is, he has to buy the most basic and ordinary necessities repeatedly. Why not buy them in bulk at one time?


We need to integrate this idea into our daily life. Prefer to buy one month's oil, salt, flour, and rice vinegar at the supermarket, and save the shopping list for repeated purchase in the next month, so that you can start to control the cost of each month and save money.

Go shopping less, spend less, and spend time to earn free money


  • Understand your limits, control your extravagance, and live a self-disciplined life

We usually shop, the stupidest thing is to use credit cards to buy things. You do not really need, even if you know you use credit cards. Luxury is not everything. You should not let your soul succumb to vanity under the pressure of your peers.


Frugally living and saving free money is the easiest way to live a good life in the future. Consider Warren Buffett, for example: he bought his house for $30000 in the 1950s and has not bothered to leave since. Now, he has enough extra free money to buy any residential property on earth. But he chose not to, which is something we can all learn.


Where you live is the same. It is because you exaggerate the difference. It is the result of echoing people's opinions. It is hard for you he server.

  • Do not spend too much saved money on cars

If Mark Zuckerberg can drive the Volkswagen GTI, everyone can.


You do not need to buy a Lamborghini as your goal in life. Just buy a vehicle that allows you to travel without causing you any trouble. Even Warren Buffett does not have a very expensive car, which shows that expensive riding is not everything it can achieve. Your car and house may be the main investment in your life, so make sure you choose carefully and do not overspend.


Think of cars as the corruptions of wealth.


  • Do not pay for business class flights

The people who founded IKEA, a furniture company, prefer to fly economy class. There is no reason to spend saved money on flights that do not take more than a day, says Ingvar Kamprad. According to him, just because you can do something does not mean you should.


Do you think Jackie Chan's habit of turning off the lights is unnecessary? Chow Yun-Fat's daily life is no different from that of Hong Kong people. Do you consider it a showoff? No, saving free money makes them feel calm and happy.


The rich know that saved money should be of greater use.

  • Use coupons as much as possible, this is also free money.

In life, using coupons does not make you look bad. You do not have to care too much about the people around you about what they think. Search online for coupons and special offers. 


The easiest way to buy goods without paying the full price is to find a deal. In addition to obtaining coupons in local flyers or newspapers, many websites also specialize in providing coupons that can be used online and in stores.


You can put the coupon in a purse or wallet pocket. This way, you will carry them with you when you go shopping. Save digital coupons on your smartphone to easily access them during checkout.


Kristine bell likes to use coupons. She is not the only celebrity who uses coupons. There are many rich people who like to use coupons.


After all, it can save free money. In the long run, it can save a lot of money, which is the obvious way to get free money.


There is no harm in using discounts if you can save on specific services or items without sacrificing your standard of living. 


  • Cut costs without being cheap

Participate in free activities. You can be happy or happy without spending a lot of free money. You can spend a lot of saved money to participate in many interesting and learning activities. 


This will allow you to save money and live a richer life. Try the following cheap activities:

Take a walk in your neighborhood or visit a national park. Keep in touch with nature and take advantage of the seasons (for example, go skating or snowshoeing in winter or swimming in summer). Cover the blanket fortress with the children. It will save you money.


Admire the artwork at the local museum. Do not save money at the expense of others. People may use coupons in restaurants and then not pay the total fee for tips. You should never try to save money by saving other people's money.


Instead, you can order water and save money by skipping a drink to fully tip the server.

  • Purchase Quality and Cheap Items

To pay more for high-quality goods. The difference between cheap and frugal life is that frugal people know that buying quality products can save extra free money in the long run. For example, buying energy-saving bulbs via credit cards will cost more money in the early stage, but will have a longer service life and reduce electricity costs.


Wait for expensive items to start selling. Most consumer products will go on sale sometime during the year. Frugal living people will save money by waiting for more expensive and higher-quality items to come on the market, not just buying the cheapest items. This is a smarter way to shop because you value both quality and cost.


Thrifty people can obtain high-quality goods at lower prices by waiting for them to go on sale.


  • Spend Money on Health

Some people will even avoid spending money via credit cards, even on necessities. For example, people may avoid going to the doctor for regular check-ups to reduce costs. In addition, thrifty people will spend money on medical care, but will seek the best price.


For example, a frugal person can buy private health insurance to help pay for medical expenses. This will save them a lifetime of money.

  • Make Gifts for family and friends 

Thrifty people always give meaningful gifts to friends and family, regardless of the cost. On the other hand, cheaper people will only provide goods based on cost. You do not need to spend a lot of money to provide something meaningful.


If you are a painter or chef, you can make a special oil painting or an exquisite meal as a gift to your loved one. Most people cherish a gift from the heart, rather than take a gift out of their wallet. 


You can also ask other friends or family members to join in to buy more expensive gifts for your loved ones. This is a great way to save money. Or, you can add expensive gifts to your budget and save on that special item.

  • Create a budget

Frugal living style includes keeping track of spending so that person can know where the money is going. Plan monthly expenses. For example, create a spreadsheet to track your monthly expenses. 


This will give you an idea of ​​where to spend saved money every month. By doing this, you may find places where you can cut costs and live a frugal life.


Setting a monthly budget will help ensure that you always have enough money for necessities such as housing, health care and food.

  • Deposit money in emergency savings

Determine the amount that can be deposited each month, and then not spend that money for a frugal living. This way you can accumulate some free money for unplanned expenses. Consider a high interest account to store your cash. You will still use this free money to a limited extent, but you are most likely to get a higher rate of return than a typical savings or checking account.


Also, do not forget to replenish the used funds so that you will always have saved money in an emergency.



  • Set financial goals

To save money, develop a financial plan and set financial goals. For example, do you want to pay off your mortgage, save money to buy a reasonable car, or save money for retirement? Setting financial goals creates a habit to save money and continue to enjoy life. Check the financial goals you wish to achieve so that you can devise ways to achieve them by frugal living.


People still desire how to get free money and save it, but frugal living is not unchangeable, it will develop with the change of times and the progress of society. In the United States, there are some people who are called the best money-saving people. The way they accumulate wealth by giving up normal life is not enough for people to follow suit. The key point here is what kind of life people want to live.


Now, in the 21st century, how should we carry forward the virtue of thrift? It seems that in this happy and peaceful society, most of us have forgotten the virtue of thrift. Is frugality being replaced by luxury? And are we about to lose the virtue of frugality?


No, we must shoulder the mission of carrying forward this virtue of frugal living! Let us start from now on, to make the virtue of frugality deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!

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