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Whole Life Insurance vs Best Dividend Stock

August 4th 2020

Whole life insurance vs Dividend Stocks


Numerous whole life insurance policies provide dividends representing a part of the insurance company earnings that are paid to policyholders. In many ways, these dividends are like customary venture dividends that represent a share of a public organization's profit. However, the best insurance companies tend to be private, thus not publicly traded.


What is Whole Life Insurance?

  • Whole life insurance goes on for a policyholder’s lifetime, rather than to term life insurance, which is for a particular amount of years.
  • Whole life insurance is paid out to a recipient or beneficiaries upon the policyholder’s passing, provided that the premium payments were kept up.
  • Whole life insurance pays death advantages but also has reserve funds components in which money can build up.
  • The saving segment can be invested, also, the policyholder can get the money while alive, by either withdrawing or borrowing against it, when needed.
  • Rates are locked in on whole life policies. This is not to be confused with term or universal life insurance where rates fluctuate or become so expensive you can’t keep the policy. Traditional whole life insurance is recommended for those who can afford it for this reason.
  • Whole life insurance pays a death benefit but also has reserve funds components in which money can build up.
  • The saving segment can be invested but by the insurance company and they are able to offer it to clients as cash value, not subject to market downturns; also, the policyholder can get the money while alive, by either withdrawing or borrowing against it, when needed.

What is dividend stock?


This is another popular product and is not whole life insurance. You have probably considered buying dividend stocks as well. Here’s more important information on dividend stocks.

A dividend stock is a dividend payment to investors that is made in shares as opposed to money. The stock dividend has the benefit of compensating shareholders without reducing the company's cash balance, although it can dilute income per share.

  • Stock dividend is a profit paid to shareholders in the form of extra shares in the company, instead of as money.
  • The best dividend stock is not taxed until the shares granted are sold by their proprietor.
  • Like stock parts, stock dividends dilute the share cost, however as with cash dividends, they do not influence the value of the organization.

Find Best Dividend Stocks

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Best dividend stock

Nothing is a best dividend stock according to all financial specialists. One interesting idea is a "scrip dividend," a stock dividend is a distribution of shares to existing investors of a cash dividend. This kind of dividend may be made when a company needs to reward its shareholders but doesn't have the extra money or needs to preserve its cash for other ventures.


Stock dividends have a tax advantage for investors. They offer a dividend, similar to any stock share, that is not taxed until the investor sells it except the company offers the choice of accepting the dividend as money or in stock.


A dividend stock may require that the newly received shares are not to be sold for a specific time-frame. This holding period on a stock dividend regularly starts the day after it is bought. Understanding holding time-frame is significant for deciding qualified dividend tax treatment.

Whole Life Insurance vs Best Dividend stock

How do whole life dividends from a life insurance company differ from other stock dividends?


The word “dividend” creates confusion because it is frequently used about a public company paying a stock dividend. If you own stock in a public organization that pays dividends, you may get a quarterly check from the company. A stock company may likewise pay stock dividends, which come in the form of extra shares instead of money. Dividends represent corporate income and are controlled by a company’s board of directors.


Life insurance dividends likewise represent earnings. However, mutual life coverage companies, by law, must impart all benefits of the company with participating policyholders. Benefits well-beyond monies set aside for legacy benefits and working costs are distributed back to policyholders as dividends. In contrast, the goal of a stock insurance company is to make a profit for its shareholders or investors.


If stock dividends are paid and reinvested into the policy as paid-up additions, they become part of the guaranteed cash value and part of another, a higher floor that builds future gains—both ensured additions and dividend payouts. The cash worth can never lose value and is ensured to develop by at least a minimum guarantee.


Contrast this to a stock dividend. Many people re-invest their stock dividends. If the cost of the stock goes down after that reinvestment, you have basically “lost” your profit. So you should sit tight for the price of the stock to return up to “recoup” your dividend.

Getting a whole life insurance policy as an investment


Whole life permits the policyholder to accumulate wealth and utilize these reserve funds during their life, as far as investments go, whole life insurance is not an investments.


Depending on market performance and your situation, you may consider buying long-term life insurance with a fixed annual rate and working with an investment counselor to figure out the best strategy for how you invest your money.


Whole life insurance is one of many tools that can achieve what nothing else can, and should be taken out with a registered independent advisory with no brokerage ties.


Building and protecting wealth with whole life insurance

The rate of return on a whole life insurance policy is very low as compared to other investments, even with the tax savings considered in. Life insurance should not be utilized exclusively as an investment tool and you should judge your policy decisions on the protection and not just the rate of return.


Typically the best financial plans include a portion of whole life insurance for your long term safe dollars and heirs, as well as dividend income stocks to reinvest in and help supplement retirement.


In a down market, you can consider your guaranteed money as a place to access money no problem. In an up market this is ideally when you are pulling from your best dividend income stocks.


Remember tax loss harvesting can help you to earn higher returns on your stocks.

Read more about tax planning for a comfortable life after retirement.

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